Who we are

MegaMarketingAD is a technology company that specializes in banner ad instruments solutions. Our clients can reach an expanded targeted market by using this technologies and saves time and money.

We provide both self-service access to our platform as well as full service for clients that do not have the internal resources or desire to design and implement targeted banner ad campaigns. Our team of hight qualified can design and implement sales funnels from banner to lead conversion.

Our team of professionals consist of internet trade experts, programmers, account managers and support staff based primarily in the USA..

MegaMarketingAD real-time bidding service for all our clients needs. Our SEO and marketing clients were becoming less and less satisfied with their results from SEO tools and the time consuming process of going direct to ad exchanges. So we decided to create a platform that aggregates the top banner ad networks into one system for easy control. Our development team has been able to contracts with these top ad networks to integrate their ad space inventory into our platform at or below prices of what they offer their retail customers.

With a strong client base of our private clients already stress testing and using the MegaMarketingAD platform, we are now opening our doors to the public to take on additional clients interested in our RTB and Re-Targeting System.