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    Real-Time Bidding (RTB), Re-Targeting and Targeted Marketing are technologies of the working in the digital marketing space. It is the next big thing hitting mobile in-app advertising and has been likened to the high frequency trading on Wall Street.

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The Value We Bring

We believe in partners. We can provide profitable
options for everyboydy, but we do not want our clients to just believe so.
We educate and work with our clients to create good and long lasting partnerships

Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Geo Targeting: allows you to get or exclude visitors who live in specific Countries, States, Cities or in the US with specific Zip Codes

Targeting Marketing

Site Targeting: create a list of only favourite/blacklisted sites you want your clients banners to be displayed on.

Full Service Campaign Management

Retargeting brings back visitor to a website, who didn't take the required action, make a purchase, sign up for a subscription etc.

Marketing Platform Features


Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.

Search Targeting

Allows you to get potential clients  that have searched for some key word you need withing the last 30 days independently of the website they might be currently viewing.

Site Targeting

Site targeting is a feature that allows advertisers to choose individual sites in the content network where they want their ads to appear

Geo Targeting

The process of targeting a group of subscribers based on their location in the world

Contextual Targeting

Target your visitors when they are looking content online that is relevant to your product. Show your banners selling laptops to a viewer reading an article about PC, operationg systems or any digital goods.

Audience (3rd Party Data) Targeting

Purchase an audience from one of our industry leading partners who database the exact audience you are targeting.

Auto-Optimization Targeting

Process by which the MegaMarketingAD discovers our customers how alien impressions act for every Campaign and information that is critical for that individual Campaign. This is accomplished by using a small portion of the finances at the start of your Campaign to go towards sampling imprints in a exact way accompanying a goal of educating. Once this has been completed, as a rule, the MegaMarketingAD has lots material to give highly correct forecasts on the appraise on the value of a bid.

Full Service Campaign Management

Review current media and sales funnel process

Media Creation:  Banners, graphics, and landing page graphics and layout

Platform Campaign creation, monitoring and managment.

Split testing of A/B banners and campaigns

Optimization of sales funnel and campaigns